About RNF

The Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF) was established as a non-profit membership organisation on 7 June 2011 with the purpose of coordinating projects to promote recycling, and the reduction and reuse of so-called waste in Namibia.

The Recycle Namibia Forum is the result of Namibians who decided to support various environmental projects that were started in an informal way when Namibia Breweries Limited, City of Windhoek, Rent-A-Drum, Collect-a-Can, 4H-Namibia, Plastic Packaging and Nuevas Ideas Consulting decided to promote and support activities that promote environmental integrity.

What later became the Recycle Namibia Forum formally addresses waste in terms of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling and all other environmental matters relating with these issues within Namibia.

All companies and organisations from the private sector are invited to take up membership with the Recycle Namibia Forum in order to benefit from this partnership which ensures that your company will be associated with a social responsibility institution of high credibility and linked into a network on environmental developments.

Member have the right and obligation to be entitled, encouraged and required to participate in the activities of the Recycle Namibia Forum through various submissions and discussions to promote and maintain the objectives of the Recycle Namibia Forum.

By combining private sector businesses, civil society and public sector resources we can preserve our beautiful country for future generations to enjoy a clean and healthy environment. The mission of the RNF is to make Namibia the country that achieves the highest success in the 3Rs – recycling, reducing and re-using.

This confirms the internationally held view that Namibia is the cleanest country on the African continent.