Namib Times

Namib Times

Date: 2013-03-22

Learning to recycle, re-use and reduce
Otis Finck
Learners at Duneside High school got a headstart in recycling this week when members of the famous Global United Football Club, First National Bank and the Recycle Namibia Forum handed over a recycle station to Duneside High School on Monday.

The Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF) aims to make Namibia the country in Africa which achieves the greatest success in promoting the three R’s (Recycling, Re-using and Reducing). RNF introduced a recycling competition for schools five years ago.

Ten schools initially competed and this number has grown to more than fifty schools in Namibia competing this year. Schools are encouraged to collect as much as possible recyclable commodities. These are collected weekly and weight. All recycling stations are equipped with four huge bags, in which paper, glass, plastic and metal products will be collected.
The school that collects the most recyclable waste receives a prize.

Wolfgang Schenk of RNF encourages learners to daily bring a plastic bag filled with recyclable material, which they should sort and then deposit in the recycle station. “Last year’s winning school contributed a per learner ratio of 40kg of recycleable waste. The more learners participate the better the effects of this initiative” he said.

The Global United Football Club is the first non-profit football club, consisting of renowned international football legends, who are committed to sustainable living, climate protection and to fighting the increasingly devastating effects of climate change.

The footballers’ aim to get people to realise how important their care for the environment truly is and what can be done to support the climate-balancing factors, including biodiversity.

The 2013 FNB Global United Climate Kick will take place at the coast from 18-20 March and FNB Namibia also announced its N$350 000 sponsorship for the event. Numerous activities are planned and the big game will be held on 20 March 2013 at 17:30, with Global United FC versus Coastal All Stars at the Jan Wilken Stadium.

“FNB believes that wealth is not necessarily money and that environmental stability and sustainability is equally important. Protecting the environment starts with encouraging a culture of recycling. By involving future leaders and motivating them to recycle is by far an outstanding way to ensure a culture of recycling at schools, home and throughout the country.

I am assured that the re-cycling bins we handed over today will be utilized to the fullest and that they will add value to the community around the school also”, said FNB’s Walvis Bay Branch Manager, Mr Japie Hoon.