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Date: 23 May 2018

O&L Group Coordinator: Corporate Social Investment (CSI), Venessa Mwiya (left) officially handed over the O&L Group’s sponsorship towards the National clean-up campaign. The donation was accepted by the Cabinet Secretariat at the Office of the Prime Minister, Dr. George Simaata.

The O&L Group donated 300 cases (7200 bottles) of water towards the National clean-up campaign.

Plastic Packaging sponsored more than 500 000 special refuse bags manufactured from recycled plastic, towards the National clean-up campaign. Plastic Packaging Product Marketing Manager Anfre Oosthuizen (left) handed over the bags to Felix Vallat, Chairperson of TOSCO (Tourism supporting Conservation).

The Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF) and its members have once again stepped up and show full support of the President’s appeal to clean up Namibia on Friday, 25 May 2015.

RNF Coordinator, Anita Witt: “Although the RNF has continuously rendered its support to a number of clean up actions across Namibia during the past years, the size and scale of this year’s nationwide clean up saw a considerable increase in both volumes as well as participation by the RNF members. Not only has the President’s appeal seen the local authorities in all fourteen (14) regions prepare for the clean ups, but it has extended further to include the support of the private sector, with a number of smaller groups and individuals getting ready to join in on the action on Friday, 25 May 2018.”

The participation from RNF members include sponsorship by Plastic Packaging, with more than 500 000 special refuse bags being manufactured (from recycled plastic) and handed over to the organisers of the presidential campaign. In an effort to encourage and promote the separation of recyclables from the waste collected, refuse bags as well as clear bags (for recyclables) have been made available by Rent-A-Drum and Plastic Packaging country-wide. Collection points for the recyclables have been set up in a number of towns, whilst assistance to transport the recyclables to the closest recycling centres to be supported by partners such as the retail sector.

Sponsorships by RNF members Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) / the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group include making available 300 cases of bottled water (7200 bottles of water), with Namibia Beverages / Coca Cola Namibia sponsoring refreshments as well as equipment such as tents, and mobi cans at a number of events within the regions. Recyclers such as Rent-A-Drum will make available equipment, a number of skips in Windhoek, the coast and in Oshakati. In Windhoek, Kleen Tek Waste Management has confirmed the availability of six skips, with Scrap Salvage sponsoring a skip and two grab trucks in the capital. Other recyclers such as Erongo Drum (Usakos, Omaruru) and Sam’s Bin (southern parts of Namibia) will also be hands-on that day to assist with the refuse collected and the sorting of recyclables, as well as Inspired Technology with a collection point for e-waste in Windhoek. Witt: “The RNF has also furthermore supported the tourism sector’s initiative to ‘pick up where you are’, which will see all role players cleaning up in and around their establishments and on the road. Tour guides will also be encouraged to sort the recyclables from the waste, and to deliver these to the closest collection point (instead of getting rid of it within parks and remote areas where collection would be a challenge).”

The RNF’s recently completed booklet on how to organise a clean-up has also proved to be a worthwhile tool, especially for smaller groups and companies that are hosting their own clean ups. The booklet is available on the RNF’s website (rnf.com.na under downloads).

Witt: “On behalf of the RNF and its members, we commend the President on this national call, and wish him and our fellow Namibians a very successful implantation of this brilliant activity.”


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