PLASTIC PACKAGING (PTY) Ltd specialises in the manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution of flexible film products and other related packaging products to the Namibian and other International markets. Founded 37 years ago from humble beginnings in Namibia, the business is now a worldwide organization which reacts cleverly to market demands. The company embarked on expansions from one manufacturing site in Windhoek to 8 other distribution centers nationwide.

Understanding the value of recycling and the impact of plastic waste to the environment of Namibia, our company has identified the need to invest in recycling and therefore incorporated the Namibian Polymer Recycling plant in Okahandja. Through this acquisition Plastic Packaging understands the value of re-using recycled plastic material and took the next logical step to venture into a new market.

NAMIBIA PLASTIC CONVERTERS (PTY)Ltd in Okahandja was incorporated into the Plastic Packaging Group in 2018, and this closed the recycling chain to convert the recycled plastic raw material from our recycling plant, into usable products such as irrigation pipes.

Namibia Plastic Converters’ vision is to become the leading plastic pipe manufacturer in Namibia, producing polyethylene and PVC pipe to local and international standards, but which also meets the needs of the country. This vision is being achieved by an extensive program of growth in production capacity through investment in equipment and people.

Part of our International expansion, Plastic Packaging owns Ango Plasticos and Huila Packaging in Angola. Ango Plasticos SA is a distributor of plastic and other packaging related products into the Angolan market through our branches in Luanda, Benguela, and Lubango. This network makes it possible to supply the variety of markets of Angola.

In the South African market, we service our customers through our distribution centers listed as Plastic Packaging Cape and operates from our South African warehouses in Upington and Kimberly.


Although Plastic Packaging has an International footprint, we always stay true to our own country, Namibia. We pride ourselves on being a 100% Namibian owned company and only appoint Namibian employees to invest in our country and our people. We currently have +/-600 employees at Plastic Packaging


In an industry where research and development are key to long-term survival, Plastic packaging Namibia has been doing all we can to stay ahead of the curve. We have been one of the founding members of the Namibian Manufacturing Association, Team Namibia and the Recycling Namibia Forum. We proud ourselves to be one of the few companies in Namibia to obtain ISO 9001 certification through the accreditation process conducted by DQS in 2017. Our food packaging products are also compliant to EU regulation on Food and Safety to give us the competitive edge in the packaging industry.


Plastic Packaging has participated in the Manufacturer of the year award for 2018 and was recently honored with a number of Gold and Bronze certificates in recognition of our team’s initiatives, dedication, and commitment in our manufacturing processes which gave us the edge to win the following: Namibia Plastic Converters received Bronze and Namibia Polymer Recyclers won Gold in the same Medium Manufacturer category. Plastic Packaging received Bronze in the Corporate Manufacturer and Gold in the Environmental friendly manufacturer categories.

And lastly, a great achievement for Plastic Packaging Group this year, for the first time ever, Plastic Packaging won Overall Manufacturer of the year award for 2018.

Plastic Packaging Namibia takes full recycle responsibility for the products we manufacture. Post-industrial & post-consumer waste are sent to Namibia Polymer Recyclers in Okahandja (NPR) where the plastic waste is re-processed into raw material and used for second life-cycle products such as our own Star refuge bags and NPC’s irrigation pipes. Plastic Packaging Group is committed to protecting the environment and all our individual companies make concerted efforts to help save our planet.

Plastic Packaging believes that it is our responsibility to help balance the supply and demand for plastic products by educating the public about the manufacturing and recycling processes of plastic products in Namibia. Since plastic products are here to stay, we need to find the best possible solutions on how to co-exist with our environment and preserve it for the future generation.

We strive not only to be a better manufacturer of plastic products but to also provide the solution and support for the reduce, reuse and recycling of all plastic products in Namibia. Through our learning processes, we have realized that our company has a valuable contribution to the international drive to include responsible disposal and recovery to our service offering.

This is accomplished through Namibia’s Refuse Derived fuel project, in partnership with Rent-A-drum and Ohorongo cement. Non-recyclable waste is supplied to Ohorongo’s manufacturing plant which is equipped to combust waste with minimal risk to the environment while utilizing the energy reservoir contained in refuse. With gas temperatures of up to 2000°C, the cement manufacturing process guarantees a complete combustion and destruction of all toxic substances, resulting in no harmful emissions and with no compromise to the environment.


Plastic Packaging has manufactured, supplied or distributed over 6000 products to date. We stock a variety of products consisting of standard-manufactured to custom-made products and can supply both plain and printed packaging products according to our customer’s requirements.

Plastic Packaging is continuously investing in new technology to exceed customer expectations with superior products. Our latest investment in manufacturing technology in extrusion and flexographic printing has been acquired in combination with a focused approach on product engineering. The result will be tailor-made products for customer- specific applications and requirements. These improvements will equip us to print up to 6 colours on the individual, standard products as well as on customized sizes.

PLASTIC PACKAGING listens to our customers, and due to the demand for eco-friendlier products, we have invested in a GO Green range. Our sustainable Go-Green Natural Packaging range combines the eco-friendly features of biodegradability, composability, and renewability.

This range offers options for an eco-friendlier lifestyle with no limitations on the marketability or performance environmental-friendly retailers and consumers demand. This range is made of ’natural’ materials for e.g. Sugarcane, Wood, Bamboo, and Paper

PLASTIC PACKAGING produces its own retail brand, known as the STAR plastic bag range. The Star range includes different size freezer bags, refuse bags and bin liners. Our refuse bag range is made of 100% recycled material and therefore 100% environmentally friendly. The Star range is a Proudly Namibian product and is available at our 8 branches and in all the major retail chain stores nationwide.

Crown National range offers superior products and equipment for the meat and food industry. Crown National has a proud heritage that dates back to 1912 and is now a leading supplier of spices, herbs, seasonings, sauces, condiments, equipment, packaging as well as natural and artificial casings to the meat and poultry industry. Plastic Packaging recently took over the agency and is now distributing the different product ranges of Crown National throughout Namibia. The products in the Crown National range include Six guns grill spices; Ouma’s boerewors spice; Jimmy’s sauces; Gold Crown Natural casings and many more.

As Namibia’s leading pipe manufacturer, we proudly contribute to economic development by providing solutions to the country’s infrastructure network of water mains, irrigation, sewer, and drain systems. Our products are SABS approved and we guarantee the quality of all our products. NPC is also the supplier of quality pipe fittings to offer the complete piping solutions to our customers.

For more information on our company, products or services, please visit our website at or contact our Head-office in Windhoek at (+264) 61 299 5000. For general or topic-related information follow us on our Facebook site at

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