About us

“Tourism Supporting Conservation” (TOSCO Trust) is the Namibian leading Responsible travel organization (nonprofit); that funds various conservations programs.
TOSCO Trust is a non-profit organization linking the tourism industry to local people, conservation organizations and research. By supporting conservation projects and local people who share their land with wildlife, TOSCO Trust contributes to safeguarding Namibia’s natural assets.
TOSCO’s mission is to contribute to ensuring that visiting Namibia’s wild places is as enjoyable in the future as it is now. Therefore, TOSCO also engages in promoting responsible tourism in Namibia.

Contact us:

Tel: Chairman (Felix) +264 81 453 5855 or Treasurer (Dieter) +264 81 129 4643
Email: or
19 Lossen Street, Windhoek, Namibia
FULL MEMBER of the Namibian Chamber of Environment