About Varta

Leading battery producer, VARTA was founded in 1904, which is an acronym for the German words Vertrieb, Äufladung, Reperatur Transportabler Akkumulatoren, which means “sale, recharging and repair of portable rechargeable batteries”.

In 1980 VARTA’s Dischingen plant changed over to alkaline-manganese technology, which has a higher capacity, can cope with tougher conditions and be stored for longer. The most important feature, however, was that alkaline-manganese batteries do not contain mercury or cadmium.

Today VARTA boasts with state of the art technology, and the range of High Energy and Max Tech alkaline batteries now get manufactured with a 10 year shelf life, ensuring that these products can be stored for 10 years before being used without affecting their performance.

With over 125 years of expertise in the battery industry, Varta Consumer is undoubtedly one of the most prominent players in the global battery market.

Varta in Namibia

VARTA Namibia is officially represented by Vision Sales and Marketing, which is a proudly Namibian company.

VARTA Consumer Batteries in Namibia is involved in various projects and try to support good causes through promotions and competitions in local retail outlets. These are to the benefit of charitable organisations such as the Cancer Association of Namibia, REST (Rare and Endangered Species Trust), ISAP (Intelligence Support against Poaching) and a number of sports codes.

VARTA Namibia also takes EPR into account – which refers to Extended Producers Responsibility – where the treatment or disposal of post-consumer goods are implemented to ensure their products do not harm the environment. One of the aims when introducing EPR schemes has often been to give producers an incentive to change product design in environmentally benign ways, for example by making it easier to reuse or recycle the products.

VARTA Namibia and Vision Sales & Marketing will work close together with the Recycle Namibia Forum to set up household battery collection points in and around Namibia, whereafter the batteries are then safely and responsibly disposed of.

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