RNF to create recycling database


RNF to create recycling database

Date: Thursday, 2014-08-21 08:04


The Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF) recently released its report “Paving the Way for Recycling in Namibia”.

Anita Witt, coordinator of the RNF said, “We are grateful that the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) funded our report as it highlights numerous opportunities for Namibia to increase its rate of recovery on recyclables.

“This will not only contribute towards preserving our beautiful country for future generations, but also create more green jobs through closer cooperation amongst various stakeholders.”
Witt further explained that recycling is an on-going process and “we need to take more steps to ensure that it becomes part and parcel of every Namibian”.
“The RNF therefore calls on all industries to contribute towards building a central database on the volumes entering the country, and the resultant percentage that is successfully recycled. Compilation of such data will give a broader overview of recycling efforts across the country.”
Witt emphasized it was in the interest of every Namibian to “preserve our beautiful country, and create opportunities for our people”.
The study revealed that there is some recycling going on in various parts of Namibia, but this is neither coordinated nor recorded. In order to grow recycling in Namibia, it is important to have such data.

“The Recycle Namibia Forum appeals to all players in the industry to contact us so that we not only serve as a facilitator amongst players wishing to cooperate in enhancing recycling, but can also capture data that would help us measure our progress.”