The Namibian Sun

The Namibian Sun

Date: 2011-06-14

Recycle Forum campaigning for more projects

WHILE the successful Kaokoland Clean-up Campaign in 2009 collected 30 tons of glass, projects such as the Etosha Recycling Project in 2006 were a failure due to insufficient partnerships. This was announced by Patricia Hoeksema of Namibia Breweries Limited at the inaugural meeting of the Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF) held in the capital this week. The aim of the meeting was to promote and facilitate recycling within the general Namibian public on a non-profit basis. The RNF appealed to corporate organisations to join as partners and emphasise their commitment to the environment.

“We need to create awareness campaigns and focus on education for the public and the youth on recycling and the environment. We can only accomplish this if more members join the forum,” said Wolfgang Schenk, founder of Nuevas Ideas. “The RNF is the result of Namibians who decided to support various environmental projects that were started in an informal way when Namibia Breweries Limited, City of Windhoek, Rent-A-Drum, Collect-a-can, 4H-Namibia, Plastic Packaging and Nuevas Ideas Consulting decided to promote and support activities that promote environmental integrity,” said the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula. “Benefits of this partnership are that your company will be associated with a social responsibility institution of high credibility and linked into a network on environmental developments,” read the statement by the RNF.

According to Shangula, it is up to national governments and their citizens to take the necessary actions to combat environmental concerns. “By combining private sector businesses, civil society and public sector resources we can preserve our beautiful country for future generations to enjoy a clean and healthy environment,” he said. “The mission of the RNF is to make Namibia the country that achieves the highest success in the 3Rs – recycling, reducing and re-using. This confirms the internationally held view that Namibia is the cleanest country on the African continent,” he added.

According to a statement by the RNF, since November 2008, Windhoek citizens wanting to recycle parts of their household refuse finally had the chance to do so with the placement of recycling stations equipped with compartments for paper, cans, plastic and glass at several centres in Windhoek. Furthermore, 25 schools nationwide will be involved in the third round of the RNF Schools Recycling Competition this year with N$10 000 up for grabs to the winner.

The Clear Bag System, where recyclables are separated at house-hold level, has been implemented gradually by the City of Windhoek together with Rent-A-Drum.