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This activity was originally created for mothers or women in our children’s families, but the circle now includes their friends and neighbours as well. The concept entails creating something pretty from waste materials, mainly plastic bags, paper and fabric scraps.

The women do not only have an economic gain from the sale of the items but are also empowered and able to develop their creativity. It is great to see their joy and satisfaction, and their personal growth.

The first handmade products were crocheted, which is an easy craft and which allows for the recycling of used plastic bags. The African continent is littered with plastic bags, and it is therefore easy to get free materials for our project and thereby also helping to keep our Otjomuise neighbourhood clean at same time.

Our products are made from 100% recycled materials and each one is unique.

On Fridays we offer tutoring for mothers and they participate with great commitment. The group includes Okeri, a physically impaired woman in a wheelchair who is a talented seamstress and who managed to add new creations to our range of crocheted bags as well as aprons made from fabric leftovers.

The proceeds from the sale of the handcrafted merchandise support the mothers’ families and Mammadù Center financially.