The Namibian Coast Conservation and Management (NACOMA) aims to promote conservation of the coast; its natural resources and its biodiversity in harmony with sustainable development through the implementation of an Integrated Coastal Zone Management System (ICZM) for Namibia’s coast. NACOMA was established in 2006 in support of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism acts on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Namibia, and was co-funded by the Global Environment Facility, with the World Bank as the implementing agent.

NACOMA will:

Enable Namibians to agree on a common vision for sustainable management and conservation of their coast;
Develop and support the implementation of the Namibian Coastal Zone Management White Paper;
Support the improvement of the legal and regulatory framework for coastal zone development planning;
Develop enabling environmental policies, planning framework and strategies;
Harmonize institutional mandates and roles on coastal zone management and development;
Provide required training and practical skills to key stakeholders responsible for coastal zone management and development;
Increase funding towards environmental management; and
Improve awareness of environmental problems and the coastal value.