The Wolwedans Foundation Trust was established in June 2010 by NamibRand Safaris (Pty) Ltd. The aim of establishing the Wolwedans Foundation Trust was to have an entity through which it can handle its corporate social responsibility commitments. (“doing well by doing good”)

The Wolwedans Foundation Trust has three core pillars on which it stands and operates, these being; Community, Conservation and Culture. These are the areas in which the Wolwedans Foundation would like to make a difference in Namibia. A definition breakdown of these pillars is:


People matter. We want our team and Namibians as a whole to enjoy improved livelihoods and practice sustainable lifestyles. We commit ourselves to this goal by prioritizing human resource development and social upliftment, sharing economic opportunities and the encouragement of others to help build a better tomorrow.


A functioning, healthy and productive pro-Namib ecosystem is managed in an ecologically sustainable manner and its indigenous biodiversity effectively conserved through holistic, innovative and balanced resource management approaches that ensure the integrity of all its ecosystem services for the benefit of future generations.

An envisaged activity under this pillar is a Recycle & Clean-up Campaign in Maltahohe (schools & community). Being part of the network will give us and opportunity to draw on the expertise of the members, thus enabling us to design and implement a well-thought-out project. We thus want to be part of a network of like-minded organizations that we can engage with, partner with and work with.


Our world and Wolwedans is enriched by cultural diversity. Celebrating commonality nurtures understanding. Respecting differences is crucial to our future. We foster our corporate culture and encourage all team members to embrace the good it represents. We create a variety of platforms through which we can support, advance and celebrate cultural diversity, and enrich lives by awakening people’s creative spirit.

The Wolwedans Foundation Trust is run by a Board of Trustees who oversees all projects development and administration.

a. We are currently constructing houses at the Desert Academy in the south, and we are filling empty water bottles (500ml) with sand and using them as “bricks”.
b. We have a small water recycling plant at the Desert Academy whereby we use the grey water for the garden and trees.
c. All the left over food form the lodges and the Base Camp is fed to the pigs.
d. We use solar electricity to power the Base Camp and the Desert Academy