Green Projects

The RNF launches and supports a great deal of projects aimed at increasing sustainability.
We love the environment, we love Namibia!

Community Recycling Project

Our Community Recycling Project (in conjunction with Development Workshop Namibia) is running smoothly, and Bertha (who is in charge of recyclables) has managed to fill more than 31 one-ton bags of recyclables during the months of March and April 2021.

The support and input of the surrounding community in Samora Machel has been tremendous, especially as the volunteers dropping off the recyclables have no expectation of getting paid or rewarded for doing so.

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Used household batteries should not end up in your waste bin!

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The RNF’s annual Schools Recycling Competition is a highlight on our calendar – not only because it emphasises our commitment to spread the message of the 3 R’s to Namibia’s youth, but also to award the schools that go the extra mile in caring for the environment. Currently, we have 47 schools actively participating in our competition.

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