Recycling Hubs

Dagbreek School
Containers for the collection of paper, glass, cans, and plastic, as well as for e-waste and household batteries.

The Document Warehouse
Situated between Katutura and Khomasdal offers containers for paper, glass, cans, plastic, e waste, household batteries and scrap metal.

Perfect for recycling

Keep it clean

Always ensure that the material you want to recycle, is washed and free of food grease, harmful chemicals and other organic matter.

Consult the Green Directory for information about the disposal of individual items.

Green Directory

Everybody's favourite packing material.


Soft drinks, beer, ciders, juice.


Rinse and recycle.

Detergent Bottles

Paper-based egg boxes.

Egg Boxes

Bottles, glasses.


Newspaper, letters, printed material without lamination.


Soft drinks, water, juice.

Plastic Bottles

Milk, soda, beer, fresh produce crates.

Plastic Crates

Plastic bags for packaging pet food, sugar, salt, dried beans and more.

Plastic Packaging

Regular, soft bags.

Shopping Bags

Used in RDF Plant

There is good news when it comes to some unrecyclable items!

The materials listed below are used in the RDF Plant to generate bio-fuel.

Yoghurt, feta cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese.

Dairy Packaging

Shiny, thick plastic bags.

Harder Plastic Bags

Vacuum sealed packaging for meat products.

Meat Packaging

The clear plastic containers used to pack and display fruits and vegetables.

Plastic Punnets

Wash them and send them off.

Seedling Trays

Please wash away all the fat and food remnants before sending it off.


Any thin wrappers with foil inners.

Sweets Wrappers

Milk, Oshikandela, milk-alternatives and juices.

Tetra Pack - Without Foil

Perfect for the RDF plant.


Unsuited for recycling

Unfortunately not everything can be recycled or used in the RDF Plant.

This is where refusing acceptance of these items plays a huge role.
And if you can’t refuse, aim to repurpose.

Not suited for recycling as it's often dirty.

Aluminium Foil

Sadly not recyclable.

CD Covers

Paints, poisons, harsh chemicals.

Chemical Containers

Rather put this into a compost maker.

Food Scraps

Hard plastic plant pots.

Plant Pots

Please take care of these hangers because when they are broken, no-one can do anything with them.

Plastic Hangers

Plate glass, window panes, mirrors.

Specialised Glass

Though made of paper, the boxes are usually so greasy and dirty that recycling is impossible.

Take-Away Boxes