RNF Membership

RNF Members are committed to making the world a better place. They are dedicated to supporting the various projects the RNF launches every year.

Become part of the solution.

Different categories of membership of the Recycle Namibia Forum are available. RNF membership is not only available to companies and organisations, but also SME’s, entrepreneurs and individuals are welcome to join.

The RNF is continuously looking at expanding the membership portfolio to get all stakeholders in recycling in Namibia on board. This will increase visibility, and result in joint partnerships between our members
towards our common goal of the 7 R’s

RNF members actively work towards improving the standard of waste management in Namibia. Corporations, SMEs and individuals all play a vital role in attaining this goal.

Micro Enterprise
Max. employees: 20
Max. revenue: $ 500, 000

Free Green Directory Listing

N$ 620 per year

Small Enterprise
Max. employees: 50
Max. revenue: $ 5 million

Free Green Directory Listing

N$ 15,410 per year

Medium Enterprise
Max. employees: 250
Max. revenue: $ 50 million

Free Green Directory Listing

N$ 30, 800 per year

Large Enterprise

Max. employees: Unlimited
Min. revenue: $ 50 million

Free Green Directory Listing

N$ 42,250 per year

By invitation only.

Associate Members make available their expertise & contacts to the RNF free of charge.
In kind contributions. Admin Fee of N$1 600*

For individuals with a keen interest in the environmental health of Namibia.

N$ 280 per year