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The idea was born in 2017 to expand the term ‘sustainable’ in Namibia by using household and garden left overs (kitchen scraps, manure and gardening offcuts) and turn them into fertilizer, called vermicompost.

What is vermicompost?
Vermicompost is what you call the castings that worms leave behind when they digest organic matter. It works absolute wonders as a natural fertilizer and is often used because of its growth stimulating and soil improving effects.

The product
A special type of worms are used to transform these household and garden left overs into a high quality, natural fertilizer, vermicompost. Furthermore, horse manure of stables in Windhoek is used, adding versatility to the fertilizer and relieving the stable owners of their duty to dispose the manure.

Our organic compost contains the perfect balance of NPK (Nitrogen – Phosphorus – Potassium) – providing your plants with the nutrients they need. Unlike some chemical fertilisers it does not burn your plants. It can even be turned into liquid fertiliser for faster absorption.

Our compost contains worm cocoons for long term improvement of your soil. These little workers naturally enrich the soil and help plants ward off diseases. If that’s not enough, they break down dead organic matter into nutrients for your plants. Soon your soil will be self sustaining, without the need for chemical fertilisers!

Go Green
Our compost is 100% natural and organic. It is proudly made from Namibian food and garden waste. It contains trace-minerals and natural growth stimulating hormones typically not found in other fertilisers. Not only that but it also aids water soil water retention.

The social component
A partnership was established with Môreson Special School in Windhoek. Interested scholars are given the opportunity to produce and package vermicompost for Green Planet and sell it at a small profit. The learners are trained and empowered to participate and drive the project.

Find a Stockist
We have a number of retailers who help us sell our compost. You can easily find them depending on your location and connect with the one closer to you.
We are currently stocked at Pupekewitz Megabuild, Ferreira's Garden Centre, Agra, Nature Bloom and Organic Box, in Windhoek.
We can also be found at Wild Flower Garden in Swakopmund, and Pupkewitz in Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and now Tsumeb too.