B2Gold acquired the Company’s first African gold development project, the Otjikoto Gold Project, through a merger with Auryx Gold Corp. in December 2011. The Company received the Otjikoto Mining Licence in December 2012, and construction of the Otjikoto Mine commenced in April 2013. Within approximately 19 months, the first gold pour occurred on December 11, 2014, ahead of schedule. 

The Company also provided apprenticeship and intern opportunities to 93 students from various vocational training centres and tertiary institutions. Moreover, B2Gold Corp. has employed over 130 Namibians (who worked on the construction of Otjikoto) to work as construction expats at the Fekola Project in Mali.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

B2Gold’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) allows the company to add value beyond the production of gold. They believe in achieving a balance between profits, planet and people, sometimes referred to as the triple bottom line.

They strive to create as many positive changes, in as many spheres as possible, as a result of mining gold. B2Gold Namibia began this practice of supporting social and environmental upliftment before the mine was constructed, well before revenues or profits were being generated. B2Gold’s four CSI focal pillars are Healthcare, Livelihoods, Environmental Conservation and Education, Arts & Culture.