As a unique Namibian bank, our heritage has always played a vital role in the way we approach our banking. Being Namibian, we have always had a set of challenges along the way. Not only have these challenges helped shape us in the bank we are today, but they have also cemented our legacy as a unique Namibian bank for Namibians. 

By keeping our roots firmly grounded in what we know best – our country and its people – our commitment towards building relationships within the communities we operate in, remains a key focus of our organization and tangible through various socio-economic and consumer education initiatives. 

According to Mr Riaan van Rooyen, Head: Corporate Affairs, Strategy and Sustainability:

Bank Windhoek’s vision is to be the connector of positive change, and the Bank wants to be a catalyst for sustainable opportunities. It is therefore imperative that we, as a truly Namibian bank, stand together with like-minded companies to create a better future for our country.