Solid Waste Management Department:

Strategic Intent of the SWM division

To be a world class solid waste management service provider to our people and become the cleanest City in the World by 2030.

To render effective and efficient solid waste management services to all our customers to the very best of our ability.

Core Purpose
To manage all solid waste generated in the city of Windhoek.

Services with direct cost to the Client:
The following services are rendered by the SWM division at a cost as contained in the SWM Tariffs.
• Domestic refuse removal once a week at all households supplied with a 240L green Wheelie bin according to the refuse removal calendar
• Domestic refuse removal at least once a week at all households in the informal settlements supplied with black bags.
• Non-domestic refuse removal at all business and industry as per request.
• Refuse removal once a week at institutions not for gain (this includes Educational institutions, Public hospitals, Churches, Welfare organisation, Youth sporting organisations,

Governmental institutions (national, regional and local), Embassies).
• Rental of 240 L Wheelie bins to be delivered and collected by Council
• Removal of Carcasses
• Removal of bulky waste (including iron/metal, building rubble, garden refuse or any other waste which cannot be collected by placing it in the Wheelie bin) as per request
• Disposal of General waste at Kupferberg waste disposal site
• Disposal of Hazardous Waste at the Kupferberg waste disposal site

Services with no direct cost to the Client:
• Open Space and Street Cleansing services rendered by the Ward Contractors
• Disposal of garden refuse and building rubble at the various facilities situated around Windhoek