Collect-a-Can is a recovery as opposed to a profit driven company and has proven that it is self-sustainable, by managing its operations and cost structures at optimum levels – assuring the respective southern African governments, environmentalists and the public of Collect-a-Can’s long-term stability. 

The Company was established in 1993 to pro-actively address the steel beverage can industry’s share of responsibility pertaining to the ever increasing environmental needs of the region. Collect-a-Can is dedicated to the minimisation of can litter in southern Africa and to ensure that used metal cans and consequently tinplate, exist in harmony with the environment. The company is unique in as much that southern Africa is the only region in the world where the producers of material for steel cans and the can manufacturer have come together to lead and inspire the recovery of used metal cans.

Over the past 18 years, Collect-a-Can has been at the forefront of minimising the negative impact of used metal cans on the environment. 

We are since involved in the recovery of all scrap tinplate generated in the tinplate and can-making processes, including sludge, cut-offs (skeletons), misprints, sub-standard fills, and most importantly, the recovery of used metal cans.

All recovered scrap and used metal cans are either processed to add value (de-tinning and briquetting) or prepared and sold for recycling, resulting in a complete loop, called “cradle-to-cradle”.