The Green Building Council of Namibia (GBCNA) was established in 2013 after registration by the Master of the High Court on 04 March 2013, with 9 members of the Board of Trust, following the Associated Working Group from various stakeholders mooted on 15 February 2012.  Modelled on national green building councils elsewhere, the GBCNA is an independent, non-profit trust funded by membership fees and income from training programmes and assessments. GBCNA is a member of the World GBC and is registered with the High Court of Namibia.

The primary activity of the GBCNA is to operate a “Green Building Rating System” for certifying green buildings in Namibia. GBCNA operates the Green Star (GS) SA-Nam Rating System.

The system has many tools such as the tools for retail, residential units, existing buildings, interior designs, public and educational buildings, among others. With these tools the GBCNA offers clients, consultant teams and construction companies alike the opportunity to pursue and assess the overall environmental impact of their projects.

Other activities of GBCNA include; training and sharing with building professionals and other stakeholders on greening buildings aspects, local and international best practices and bringing leading individuals and companies on green technologies to showcase such in Namibia.