Sustainable development is “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs and aspirations”.

In the Namibian tourism context, this means looking after what we sell today so that we can sell it again tomorrow. This is what Eco Awards Namibia is all about.

“Namibia’s tourism sector operates in extremely arid and ecologically sensitive areas… It is essential that attention be paid to all potential impacts that can result from tourism.” Namibia’s Vision 2030

Eco Awards Namibia is a mark of distinction for accommodation establishments that are planned and managed according to eco-friendly principles. The programme promotes the selective and careful use of our resources, promoting reducing, recycling and reusing. In the process an establishment can improve its profitability, often with very little additional expenditure.

The programme is based on similar schemes in several other countries, and the criteria that those schemes use were amended to suit the Namibian environment.

Awarding of an Eco Awards desert flower certificate is a sign that the establishment keeps to a standard of environmental care and implements sustainable practices for the future of the immediate environment, the company and the people.