NamiGreen is an e-waste company recycling electronic waste in Namibia. Our mission is keeping the environment of Namibia green and healthy by recycling electronic waste instead of it going to the landfill.

We offer e-waste collection services from companies and organizations in Namibia and we work with government and cities around Namibia to reduce the amount of e-waste ending up in landfills and the environment. At the same time we create local jobs in the e-waste industry. For citizens, we have several drop-off points around Namibia for electronic waste.

E-waste comes in many forms and shapes – NamiGreen handles the following e-waste categories: 
Computers, laptops
Mobile phones, smartphones, fixed phones
Printers, fax machines
Cables, wiring
CD-rom drives, harddisk drives
Keyboard, mouse
Tablet, ipad
Other electronics – if it is electrical, we can recycle it

We adhere to the ISO 14000 series environmental management systems to ensure safe disposal and handling of e-waste.
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