Namibian Environment and Wildlife Society (NEWS) is a national, membership-based, non-profit organisation, open to anyone with an interest in the Namibian environment. It was established in 1966.

NEWS activities aim to conserve the natural environment of Namibia and to promote appropriate protection, wise and sustainable use of natural resources and sustainable development.

Integrate environmental concerns into all relevant aspects of human activity and advance broad community participation in conservation;
Promote sustainable living and development, and passion for a healthy environment;
Seek positive dialogue and constructive co-operation with stakeholders to enhance activities, improve policies, laws and decision-making and promote sustainable living and development;
Suggest feasible alternatives to avoid environmental degradation;
Contextualise local issues within the national, regional and global framework;
Collect and disseminate environmental information;
Monitor, and report on, environmental issues and developments;
Provide an accessible forum for environmental dialogue;
Create broad public awareness through regular media coverage and high-profile activities.