Plastic Packaging (Pty) Ltd specialises in the manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution of flexible film products and other related packaging products to the Namibian and other International markets.

Understanding the value of recycling and the impact of plastic waste to the environment of Namibia, our company has identified the need to invest in recycling and therefore incorporated the Namibian Polymer Recycling plant in Okahandja.

We always stay true to our own country, Namibia. We pride ourselves on being a 100% Namibian owned company and only appoint Namibian employees to invest in our country and our people. We take full recycle responsibility for the products we manufacture and are committed to protecting the environment and all our individual companies make concerted efforts to help save our planet.

We strive not only to be a better manufacturer of plastic products but to also provide the solution and support for the reduce, reuse and recycling of all plastic products in Namibia.

This is accomplished through Namibia’s Refuse Derived fuel project, in partnership with Rent-A-drum and Ohorongo cement. Non-recyclable waste is supplied to Ohorongo’s manufacturing plant which is equipped to combust waste with minimal risk to the environment while utilizing the energy reservoir contained in refuse. With gas temperatures of up to 2000°C, the cement manufacturing process guarantees a complete combustion and destruction of all toxic substances, resulting in no harmful emissions and with no compromise to the environment.

Due to the demand for eco-friendlier products, we have invested in a GO Green range. Our sustainable Go-Green Natural Packaging range combines the eco-friendly features of biodegradability, composability, and renewability.