Who We Are

The Rössing Foundation, a social investment trust of the CNNU Rössing Uranium Limited, was established in 1978 and is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Foundation is registered in Namibia as a welfare organization.

Our Vision

We are the leader in the execution of corporate social responsibility and enhancing national productivity and lifelong learning.

Our Mission

The Rössing Foundation is developing and empowering identified communities with knowledge, skills, and positive attitude to achieving self-reliance through education, training, innovation, enterprise development, and thereby contribute to nation building.

Our Mandate

• To further the education of all Namibians in order to achieve greater national productivity and to enhance lifelong learning
• To encourage the creation and/or to create opportunities for people to use their education
• To promote the advancement of the living standards of all the people in Namibia
• To do any act or thing which, in the opinion of the Trustees, will benefit Namibia or any or
all of its inhabitants

Our Values

Core values are non-negotiable styles on which the Rössing Foundation performs its services. The Foundation cherishes the following values:
• Sustainability
• Accountability
• Continuous learning and growth
• Good governance and shared leadership and
• Partnership and teamwork

Our Focus Areas

The Foundation focuses mainly on programmes within the sectors of education, mining, agriculture, tourism, water and sanitation, and environment.

Our Beneficiaries

We proudly serve all people in Namibia and continue to transform lives through community empowerment and innovation. Our programmes are currently focused on empowering the out-of- school youth, the women-led enterprises, primary and secondary school learners and teachers, undergraduate students, and rural farming communities. We care about our environment.

Selected Flagship Programmes

Education – Literacy, Numeracy and Science in Practice

One of the greatest challenges facing education in Namibia, are learners leaving school without the proper ability to read, write and do arithmetic. Added to this is the limitations in pedagogic and content knowledge competencies required to impart the skills needed by our learners. In response, the Rössing Foundation runs a Language and Numeracy Programme targeting the hard issues at the heart of foundational education of improving learners in the reading, writing and mathematical spheres, as this forms the basis of all educational outcomes going forward.

Education – Outreach Service

Due to limited resource endowment, schools continue to struggle in offering practical lessons in most science-related topics. We use our Mobile Laboratory to expand the Foundation’s reach to outlying schools. Since its inception, the Mobile Laboratory has reached 25 schools and over 20,000 learners in 11 regions.

Enterprise and Livelihood Development

Effective enterprise development in any value chain is an ongoing process that involves the participation and commitment from local actors to congregate and formulate collective approaches and solutions to their common challenges. We support the sustainability and growth of rural-based small and medium companies and cooperatives by sharing business knowledge, skills and attitudes that promote innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship. The Rössing Foundation invests in long term relationships with communities and facilitates the delivery of livelihood improvement interventions that they identify. Working in collaboration with community members, government and other stakeholders, we ensure that the appropriate capacity is in place to guarantee the long-term sustainability of any projects developed.

Accountability and Compliance

The Rössing Foundation developed a reputation as a welfare organization that upholds the values of empowerment, responsible leadership, and integrity over the course of four decades. We acknowledge the trust of empowering communities placed in us and will be accountable for all our actions. The Foundation has built a track record of strong financial management, making it a trusted actor in implementing and managing external resources from various institutions locally and internationally. We remain in good standing with relevant regulatory authorities in Namibia.

Renewed Focus

Through our value of sustainability, we strive to contribute to initiatives that continue beyond external financial resources, through solid leadership, and management input. The Foundation has recently realigned its strategy and interventions with national and international priorities in the ever- changing dynamics of meeting communities’ environmental and technologically emerging livelihood challenges. Currently, the Rössing Foundation has 19 full-time staff and 2 student interns.