Veldtschoen Waste Management Solutions cc was created in 2017 and is a locally owned and operated business. Veldtschoen Waste Management Solutions we take pride in our community. To us, our customers are like family and family takes care of one another. That is why we strive to be better than the rest.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Let us handle your mess.

Vision: Why are we here? What is our future?

To inspire and challenge Namibians to achieve the highest waste reduction, recycling, and reuse goals in the nation through innovation and creativity, sound advancements in science and technology, and efficient programs that improve economic vitality and environmental sustainability.
Work with Civic, business, government, educational and community groups across the country to improve aesthetic and ecological value of our communities though litter control and prevention and beatification waste reduction, recycle and proper handling and disposal of solid waste.

Mission: How do we get there? What do we do?

  • To restore, protect and enhance the environment, to ensure public health, environmental quality and economic vitality.
  • To transfer "absolute" garbage and recyclables to the appropriate off¬≠island facilities until our goal of zero waste is achieved.
  • To maintain and operate a waste diversion and recycling facility, including a "Free Store", for the benefit of Namibian residents, visitors, local businesses and the environment.
  • To manage the diversion, recycling and reuse of Namibia's waste in a way that is consistent with, or superior to, applicable government regulations, including environmental, health and safety.
  • To promote community education and support for continued waste reduction, reuse and recycling toward the goal of zero waste.