Walker's Recycling is a waste management business that specialises in waste minimization that works towards zero waste to landfill.

What we seek to implement will meet four critical needs:

  • Offering facilities, a feasible and cost effective alternative to management and landfilling of solid waste material
  • Creating employment opportunities and stimulating economic growth through value adding of waste streams
  • Building awareness, change the cultural perception towards waste through educating the residents and businesses of Rehoboth and the greater municipality on sustainable waste management.
  • Sound management of the materials recovery facility

Additionally, we would like to target all facilities and businesses currently not employing integrated waste management at their facilities. Small surrounding townships and neighborhoods can be brought in as a means of helping them build their own material recovery facilities and areas for collecting and sorting of recyclable waste.

Walker's Recycling are experienced in the trade and value adding of recyclables as we have relationships with strategic partners in the market where we source and sell processed recyclables. This puts Walker's Recycling in the ideal position to guarantee that we make a success.