Friday, 28 October 2022

The highlight of 2022 was surely the design and making of our new education component: our mascot, Rubbish Ronnie. Not only was the idea to move away from just promoting recycling as part of the 3 R’s of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, but to use song and dance to alert the youth to Rethink Tomorrow as part of a circular economy.

Rubbish Ronnie was proudly made in Namibia, and the content of the 7 R’s was attractively put together in a song written and performed by local artist, DJ Castro. Rubbish Ronnie was launched at the end of October at Wernhill with Dr Selma Lendelvo of UNAM as our guest speaker. Also in attendance were DJ Castro and the learners from Cimbebasia Primary School, who participated in the making of the film clips.

Sincere appreciation goes to the team at Brand X for conceptualising and bringing Rubbish Ronnie to life, and to Pick n Pay Namibia for donating the proceeds of the sale of carrier bags to RNF which made this project possible.

As Rubbish Ronnie is aimed at the junior primary levels, we have already introduced colouring pages but more content must still be created. The song and dance routine appeals to junior primary and secondary school learners, enabling our mascot to convey educational information to all ages.

This evident universal appeal led to Rubbish Ronnie being invited to form part of one of our corporate members’ green office initiative.

Rubbish Ronnie is also present in the artwork on our social media pages.
We would need to look for a partner for him. The NBC news team suggested Rubbish Ronda in a live interview just after the launch!

Rubbish Ronnie Launch - 28 Oct 2022
Rubbish Ronnie Launch - 28 Oct 2022