Household Battery Disposal

Safely discard your old household batteries.

Simply place your used batteries in the Varta bins available at your local Pick n Pay.

During 2017, the Recycle Namibia Forum in conjunction with VARTA Household Batteries Namibia (represented by Vision Sales and Marketing) launched its first battery collection bins at Pick n Pay outlets in Windhoek and the coast. The project is supported by the respective Municipalities, ensuring that the batteries are safely disposed of at the hazardous waste section of the Windhoek and Walvis Bay Landfills.

The project has been expanded – and collection bins are available at the following points:

  • Pick n Pay Auas Valley, Eros and Mega Centre
  • Pick n Pay Swakopmund and Walvis Bay
  • Pupkewitz Megabuild (Mega Centre)
  • The Document Warehouse
  • Dagbreek School for the Intellectually Impaired (they also have a collection bins for light bulbs)
  • Dahua (Maerua Mall)