Igloo Donations

We remain committed to support and encourage recycling initiatives. Two recycling igloos from Coca Cola Namibia are available to help Namibian community recycling efforts.

We, the RNF remain committed to support and encourage recycling initiatives. We have now received two recycling igloos from Coca Cola Namibia, which need to be put to good use to improve recycling in Namibia. Now is your chance to obtain one for your community recycling efforts.

Send us an email on how the igloo could assist or contribute towards your current collection initiatives – and you may just be the lucky recipient of one of the igloos! 

The closing date is 30 June 2022.

Terms & Conditions

Use of the RNF / Coca-Cola Namibia Recycling Igloos

  • The donation of two (2) recycling igloos is a joint venture between Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF) and Coca Cola Namibia Beverage Company (CCNBC)  to encourage and assist in the collection of recyclables within communities in Namibia.
  • The decision of the Management Committee of the RNF on the two winning entries will be final, and no further correspondence will be entered into.
  • The recycling igloo can hold a 1 tonne bag (for mixed recyclables) or wheelie bins at each of the three slots.
  • The purchase of the one tonne bag or wheelie bins for the igloo will be for the winner’s account.
  • The arrangements for the transport of the igloo from the premises of CCNBC to the winners will be for their own account. The igloo should be collected within a one month period.
  • The recipient will also be responsible for arranging and organizing a recycling waste collector to empty the bin on a regular basis, and to ensure that the surrounding area is kept clean  and neat.
  • Statistics on volumes and photographs of the igloo in use must be supplied via email to the RNF on a 3 monthly basis.
  • The artwork on the igloo may not be tampered with or covered with any other posters or similar.
  • The winners of the two igloos must agree to be photographed, and that such photos and information will be shared on social media and any other platform of the RNF and CCNBC.
  • The igloo may not be sold, donated or handed to a third party without the consent of the joint sponsors (CCNBC and RNF).  Should the Recipient no longer need the igloo anymore, the RNF must be informed so that it can be offered to the next applicant.