Tuesday, 6 November 2018
RNF Media Release

The Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF) has recently launched Namibia’s very first “Green Directory” – whereby Namibians will be able to determine and contact the closest service provider in their area.

The on-line directory will reflect not only manufacturers and suppliers of green / environmental related products and services in the country, but it will also list organizations, etc. that have a vested interest in promoting- or offering environmentally friendly practices.

The need for such a central information service was clear, according to Anita Witt, Coordinator of the RNF: “Given the number of enquiries received by the RNF from residents across Namibia to find out who to contact in their area for recyclables, or where to safely dispose of products, it became evident that compiling and creating an online directory would be welcomed.  Although originally intended only for the waste management industry, the increasing trend of environmental consciousness on so many levels by not only individuals but also the corporate sector, resulted in the decision to expand the categories to include a larger variety of services and products."

Witt stressed that all citizens that offer a green-related product or service – ranging from solar to bio-friendly products, to the removal of building rubble, are welcome to register on the site. Witt: “As the site expands, it is hoped to include retailers and outlets that focus on reduced packaging, those that offer the refilling of containers, etc. in an effort to minimize waste.  It is also envisaged to cover the hospitality industry and highlight which establishments are “eco-friendly” by limiting single use items such as disposable and plastic straws, cups and cutlery.  It should also be a platform where organizations selling “upcycled items” can be listed.”

The chairperson of the RNF, Gloudi de Beer regards the directory as perfect timing, with the growing interest in recycling and go green, in the country. De beer: “Over the past year the Namibian people have shown increasing concern with regards to their environmental footprint, with a significant number of new initiatives being borne from this new dawn. The RNF sees itself playing a vital role in supporting these initiatives by creating a pathway between customers and organizations. Without the support of its various members, however, the RNF would not have been able to offer this service at no cost at this stage.”

Registration on the site will be free of charge, and can be done via the RNF’s website.

RNF launches Green Directory